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Global DJs Rally To Support #Mix4Mollie Fundraising

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

A globally-renowned team of 30 DJs is to live-stream continuously for 60 hours in a bid

to raise funds for 2-year-old Mollie McCaughan. Mollie requires treatment for

Neuroblastoma, an aggressive type of cancer that affects young children.

The #Mix4Mollie event, hosted by the eRave365 DJ team is scheduled to start at 11 am

on the 20th of November and continue until Sunday evening. All genres of music are

being catered for from the impressive list of DJs, that includes many internationally

renowned stars.

According to Gary Warner, one of the DJs taking part, "When Mollie's dad, Kevin, told us what was happening, we all wanted to help raise the money for her treatment. We've

been amazed by the support from other DJs who have wanted to take part too, as well

as the extended community that has helped us to get the message out"

In July 2020 Mollie was taken to A&E at the Princess Royal University Hospital London

after developing sharp hip pains. She had an operation which released pressure from

infection and reduced the pain. However, a scan showed evidence of abnormal cells in

her hips, and after 3 weeks of further tests and scans Mollie was diagnosed with Stage

4 Neuroblastoma.

Tragically, a follow-up CT scan revealed a 6.5cm tumor located on top of her left kidney,

around her adrenal glands, renal arteries, and spine. Additional tests confirmed that the

cancer had spread to her skull and bone marrow. Following this extremely serious

diagnosis, her family was advised that Mollie only had a 40% chance of survival.

Under the excellent care of The Royal Marsden and King's College hospitals, Mollie

began an initial 80-day course of aggressive chemotherapy. The total treatment plan is

expected to run for around 18 months. Meanwhile, Mollie remains an inspiration to all

with her delightful outlook bringing happiness and joy to all who meet her.

Her family was encouraged to launch this fundraising campaign through conversations

with parents who are further down the Neuroblastoma treatment path. Their advice was

to start fundraising now, in case Mollie should require specialist USA based treatments

later, which are not currently available in the UK.

The DJ's regularly take part in monthly online festivals, which have been a huge

success due to the constraints placed as a result of Covid-19, as club-goers have

looked for other ways to enjoy music festivals whilst staying safe. Their monthly

sessions regularly attract thousands of viewers from across the UK, Europe, and the

USA. A podcast was launched earlier this year and is now achieving thousands of

downloads a month as the word has spread. The group is using this presence to help

raise as much money as possible to fund Mollie's treatment.

Kevin McCaughan was hugely grateful for all the support, noting: "Molly is a bubbly

young girl who loves to play with her brothers and was looking forward to joining pre-

school this year. We are not normally the ones to ask for help but as a family, we have

to know that we have done everything possible to give Mollie the best chance of beating

this terrible disease, so she can continue to grow up and live her life with her brothers.

We're delighted that this international team of DJs has agreed to help fundraise for her.

We hope everyone loves the live-stream and we wish all the best to those who are

giving up their valuable time to be involved."

For more information on the 60-hour live stream, head to www.erave365.co.uk/mix4mollie or

search for #mix4mollie

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