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Virtual Festival 11 - 31st December

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

The next Virtual Festival has been announced, and will start on New Years Eve.

We're also excited to announce a debut for the super-talented Slippers the Split who will be joining us on Saturday at 7.30pm for an incredible house session. It's one not to be missed!

Confirmed DJ's:

New Years Eve:

9AM – The Warners

6PM – Geeek

8PM – The Warners


12PM – Electronic (Lots of stuff)

2PM – Corny (House)

3.30PM – Ed M (Indie/Nu-Disco)

5PM – MessyKen (Prog)

6.30PM – Swiss (Eclectic)

8PM – Vinyl Ritchie (Trance lol)

9.30PM – Remote Kiss (Techno)

11PM – FreeFall (Acid, Tech & Breaks)


1PM – Jazzpants (House faster than normal)

2.30PM – Pickle (Eclectic Old Skool)

4PM – Ribbers & Friends (Trance and stuff + Smashing up his mate’s bar)

6PM – JVD (Techno’ish Melodic wi Trance bits)

7.30PM – Slippers the Split (House)

9PM – Lidbin (Techno)

10.30PM – KBS (Deep & Melodic Techno)

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